Top five social media trends for 2020 predictions

Social media has become a competitive and dynamic space, and these trends can help you ace in your business through smart social media strategies. So, keep abreast of the latest social media trends to use these for your social media initiatives. Saying that most of us spent a good part of our day on social media is not an exaggeration.

We all are aware of social media and its influence on each of our lives. Gone are the days when social platforms were only limited to sharing of family get together pictures on weekends. With influencing our business to personal lives, social media has brought people with common interests together and expanded the horizon of ideas worldwide. So, here are some of the predictions for the top five social media trends for 2020.

Social influencing will continue to grow in the year 2020

First of all, who is a social influencer? People who have an impact over a large number of individuals concerning a domain like fashion, tech, art, etc. brand themselves as social media influencers. Most such social media influencers work on Instagram, followed by Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube, to increase their followers and even endorse other companies' brands.

People are more likely to buy a product endorsed by an influencer than that of traditional advertising via celebrity endorsement. This factor alone was the significant reason for the proliferation of social media influencers in 2019, which is anticipated to increase even more in the year 2020. Furthermore, around 49% of users rely on recommendations from influencers on Twitter or Instagram, which is encouraging new social influencers into the system.

The cosmic rise of Tik-Tok will continue

Tik-Tok is a social media app that allows users to post short lip-synced, music, talent, or comedy videos. It has taken the social media world by storm in 2019, therefore, making number two on our list.

In the year 2018, Tik-Tok was the most-downloaded photo and video app worldwide and has officially hit a billion downloads in 2019 because of its massive fan base. But, it could have impossible if ByteDance (who own Tik-Tok)) is not investing money in aggressive marketing campaigns and investment in geographic expansion. To support further growth in the company's business, it is recruiting talent from the top technology companies across the country.

Even Mark Zuckerberg has acknowledged Tik-Tok's success and attempted to compete by launching Lasso, which has struggled to attract users in 2019. Whether Tik-Tok will continue its cosmic growth or takes ash dust form, either way, it will be a platform to watch in 2020.

Live video will continue to thrive

With live video streaming amenities growing in popularity on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels, everyday people are contributing to the trend. Research indicates that live streaming encourages more viewer's engagement and retains audiences longer than prerecorded video or a writ-ups.

Some similar trends in live videos like customer communications by sending personalized video messages to the clients or costumers instead of calling or sending emails are also helping businessmen to add personalized effects in their work.

Some of the Top Live Video Trends in 2019 were:

Spontaneous stories on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, or even Twitter, are bite-sized story videos produced every minute and delivered incrementally. They are great to keep viewers hooked and help start conversations in real-time. Drumming up hype around a product or extending awareness across the world, these stories ruled social media in 2019.

Accessible videos that offer subtitles and auto-describing videos are now commonplace, given that most people watch social media videos with their sound off. By captioning your videos, you are also promoting inclusion as people who are deaf and hard of hearing will be able to engage in your content as well. Captions even give you the advantage of crawling the video content better, helping with video SEO.

Live Q&As and AMAs are another great way to catalyze authenticity and engagement from your audience. The 'Ask me Anything' and live Q&A trend found its popularity when Reddit started a thread where users were allowed to ask questions to founders of the site or subculture celebrities.

This trend can engage real-time viewers, but can also be a resource for your website content.

Podcasts are a series of audio recordings that a user can download and listen to at their convenience on the daily. While 2018-19 was the upcoming year for podcasting, 2020 does not show any signs of slowing down when it comes to audio.

Brands Taking Advantages Of Paid Advertisement:

Let's get one thing straight; social media is undoubtedly considered the best way to reach your target audience in 2020. Paid advertisements have played their part in helping big brand products to reach millions and beyond. Some of its types include:

Video Ads are some of the easiest and most effective ways to convey your brand name to a vast population, and it can be done with just a small video. Self-explanatory visual content of any type is a homerun.

Stories on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat display for a short period (24-hours) and have taken social media marketing to a whole new level. There's no shortage of businesses killing it on their story strategy, which, if done right, can establish a better connection with followers, which ultimately turns into revenue.

Ephemeral content instigates people to check their social media platform regularly so they don't miss out on the latest updates from a friend/event or a favourite brand!

Contextual ads are advertisements placed on websites and social media platforms. These types of ads typically run through an automated system that operates on keyword relevancy to whatever a visitor is searching for. They are more likely to engage or buy a product from facebook or any other site with advertisements popups. If we combine people's convenience with their usage of social media—then you know product advertising on social media works.

ChatBots will become mainstream. You're more than likely familiar with chatbots, and if not, 2020 will be the year you will be. You might have come across them on different websites and even social media channels on Facebook and Twitter. Many major online companies have adopted them, such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon.

Here are some situations they can help your business with:

  • Providing quick answers

  • Addressing complaints

  • Solve technical issues

Advances in artificial technology have been making bots smarter, making them better in engaging with users. With over 100,000 companies using bots in the year 2019, they will be commonplace in the year 2020.

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