Facebook Facelift - 3 Major Facebook Changes in 2019

Image of Facebook's new 2019 redesign.
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The social media giant has some upcoming big changes this 2019, with the company announcing during their F8 event that its focus will be shifting to privacy and community. It also announced a brand new Facebook logo, a complete web and mobile app redesign, a new lightning-fast Messenger featuring end-to-end encryption, and more.

With all the big Facebook updates, there’s a lot of information to process. So we’ve wrapped up everything you need to know right here.

Facebook 2019 Update #1: Web and Mobile Redesign

This is about to be Facebook’s fifth major redesign, and it is codenamed ‘FB5’. It features a new sleek design that should help with speed, reliability, and visual appeal; it will also make communities (AKA Facebook Groups) the main focus.

This is the biggest change the Facebook app has experienced in five years and aside from helping you find what you’re looking for faster and more conveniently, the new app will also make the search safer and more secure.

A new Facebook desktop app is also set to be rolled out in the next few months. It has the same design language as the mobile app, which will supposedly make it lighter on system resources.

Facebook 2019 Update #2: A New Messenger App and Logo

It’s not just Facebook’s web and mobile apps that are getting a facelift, even their logo is getting a major makeover featuring a sleek white trim.

And don’t forget about Messenger! Its revamp aims to be “smaller and faster” with your friends’ stories being prioritized and featured more prominently in the new app design. This makes it an ideal place for sharing private and time-sensitive posts; think: ‘Close Friends’ on Instagram Stories or Snapchat’s direct messages. Messenger is also getting a stand-alone desktop app that will allow messaging between Facebook’s other apps like Instagram and and Whatsapp. One platform to manage all your DM’s, and from your laptop? Sounds like a heavy-weight game-changer to me!

Another upgrade that Facebook is testing on their Messenger app is the capability to watch Facebook videos with your messenger friends at the same time, helping make ‘Watch Parties’ rise more prominently.

Facebook 2019 Update #3: Focus on Facebook Groups and Communities

This was definitely the biggest focus at this year’s F8 keynote’s speech — communities, both public and private ones.

Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that our digital lives need both a public and a private space. This makes users turn to Facebook Groups and closed communities as an ideal place for sharing bits of their lives to an audience who they know will be engaged and as interested in the topic as much as they are. This helps explain why there are already tens of millions of active groups on Facebook. And with Facebook updates including a newly redesigned Groups Tab (which even includes a personalized feed featuring updates from all your groups), finding, joining, and participating in Groups will become even easier.

These updates are huge, not just for individuals, but for businesses who utilize Facebook Groups as a platform to engage and communicate with their audience as well. This presents an opportunity to organically build and grow a community of engaged followers online.

Facebook’s huge announcements during their F8 event are all definitely welcome changes. And we’re definitely excited to see a boost in online engagement and active conversations. What’s your favorite out of all the updates and upgrades?

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